If you have never been in counseling before, the whole idea can feel daunting. What do you talk about? How does it work? Will it work? 

Think of a counseling session as a mix between coffee with a trusted mentor, visiting your doctor, and having your very own consultant all in one. We'll collaborate to understand your concerns and plan ways to address them. We'll work together on short and long term goals and help you live your best life.  

what happens in counseling?

the first session

Our first session is called the clinical intake. You've witnessed your own life for decades, but I'm just getting up to speed. I'll ask questions about what's causing pain and get to the heart of the problem as quickly as possible. We'll begin with goals in mind. We'll plan out what success looks like.

costs and insurance

You can see the costs as outlined in our intake paperwork, but most prefer to discuss options by phone or email

White Stone Counseling Resources is in-network with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (PPO). However, many insurance companies provide reimbursement for out-of-network counseling. To verify benefits, call the 800 number on the back of your card. 


We'll meet in Northbrook, Palatine, or by phone as needed. See Locations for information, maps, and photos of our offices. 

Each office is comfortable and designed to help you feel safe, comfortable, and at home.