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why counseling?


Psychologist Henry Cloud once said about counseling: "We change our behavior when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing."

You might be reading this because you or someone you know are in pain. Maybe no one even knows you're hurting so much. You've tried other strategies, but things keep staying the same. I think you're here for a reason. Counseling can help. 

find your focus

As a teenager, I remember the first time I went to the eye doctor. After running tests and asking me questions, she fitted me with specific lenses. I recall being amazed at the difference. "I never knew I was missing all of this!" The match of a professional's expertise and my own perception was the only combination for the right prescription.

Counseling is much the same way. I'll speak with you about your experiences and discover what road blocks are in your way and what's blurry. I'll help you see your relationships more clearly and understand how patterns in your life keep you from living the kind of life you want. We'll develop goals and get you the tools to see clearly. 

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who does jon serve?

Jon works with a wide variety of clients, focusing his work on adult men and couples. Having a history of working on the north shore suburbs helps Jon know the speed and pressure of our communities both personally and professionally. Jon works with clients as young as 13 and into late adulthood, but he focuses his work on clients aged 18-45. 

Jon is a member of White Stone Counseling Resources, a local Christian counseling practice that partners with local churches. You can read more about White Stone and how it partners with churches here.

Some Specialties

  • Restoring dating & marital relationships and establishing rhythms of deepening connection
  • Reframing/controlling anxiety and depression - finding healing and freedom
  • Guiding the confused or self-critical Christian to a fuller life with fewer hang-up's
  • Helping pastors and missionaries turn burnout risk into authentic connection
My time spent working with Jon was absolutely life-changing - he challenged me and encouraged me to step into the difficult facets of my life and face them with compassion and grace - former client

Jon sees clients in Northbrook and Palatine. See information about the two locations here




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